About Giurgiu
    *  Giurgiu Giurgiu county seat and has the status of the city, the Danube port.
The city has 75,000 inhabitants and an area of 2000 hectares.
As a port on the Danube river town of Giurgiu is connected with the eight countries bordering the Danube in Eastern Europe and Central and on the Black Sea.
Since 1993, with the completion of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal to provide and openness to Western European countries bordering the North Sea and the Rotterdam ships with capacity up to 1,500 tons DW.
Bridge Giurgiu-Russe road and rail links to provide countries of Central Europe, Balkans and Asia Minor.
*  Saturday, February 20 elections were held at the Association of Giurgiu County, the location chosen for the electoral process as Wallachian Theatre from election day. Been in operation since 1991, Leseanu played youth football in the Danube Giurgiu Student Sports, Fast and FC Arges
To place the vice president, elections were bitter. The fight went from Professor Constantine Ilina (Vice President until elections on Saturday) and Dan Buga. After the first round, the score was equal to 29-29, the remaining votes being canceled. He attended the second round, in which Dan Buga was imposed 35 to 27, became the new vice president of AJF Giurgiu. The second vice president is still Peter Pana, Chairman District judges, appointed by the statutes AJF Viorel Leseanu Giurgiu.
Note that the choice of assisted and Dumitru Mihalache, head of FRF competitions.In other news, at the request of representatives of clubs in the county, has decided to postpone by one week return season district championship because of weather conditions. Thus, the return will begin on March 6, 2010, the programming steps are shown and updated on the official web site of the Football Association County Giurgiu    www.ajfgiurgiu.ro
Changes in leadership AJF Giurgiu
    League IV
One of the main advantages of Giurgiu Free Zone is established on September 11, 1996, through Government Decision no. 788.
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